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Vans Park Series: Montreal

Women’s Podium Finishers

Words and Photos by Becky Donohue


After going big in her home country of Brazil, São Paolo, Yndiara Asp earns back-to-back wins by taking on Montréal's newest addition to the skate scene - more than 38,000 square feet of VPS-certified park terrain.


As a rider who feeds on the crowd's energy, Yndi was in her element with packed stands eager to see how she was going to make her mark on Canada's first ever VPS legacy course. And what a mark she made! We're lucky that the "VANS" logo is as tough as Yndiara Asp is or it wouldn't still be standing after the fastplant she laid on it to close out a solid run.

Yndi's speed combined with big transfers like her FS air over the hip, and her diverse trick selection pleased everyone from the stands to the judges earning her another well-deserved first place finish.


In a close second, Jordyn Barratt out of Haleiwa, HI dialed in a powerful run with a clean BS Blunt 180 into the bowl. Not a moment wasted and Jordyn set the crowd off with a smooth FS 5-0 Revert.


Lizzie Armanto's ingenuity shone through with her run including an ollie to boardslide transfer on the Thrasher Spine. Lizzie, riding for Finland, hit every wall showcasing her distinctive style and earning herself a podium finish.


Thank you to Vans Park Series and Olympic Park for donating this flawless legacy course - free and open for anyone to use. The opening of this Vans Skatepark has the potential to perpetually open doors for the Montreal skate community to evolve.

Stay tuned for an additional photo gallery and recap of the other riders!