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2nd Nature Skate Jam

As the weather gets colder and open sessions & girls skate days at House of Vans seem like a distant memory, we realized that it’s time to rally the girls and get to the indoor skate spots, as few and far between as they are. So that’s exactly what we did.

Since going to 2nd Nature skatepark around this time last year, I’ve dreamt about going back, this time, unafraid of dropping in! When we reached out to Doug and 2nd Nature he was immediately stoked about our idea.

Doug linked us with Ruthless Ruthie’s mom, Georgia who made sure to rally the Majestic Skate Crew and the rest of the girls. Paired with the Jersey Girls who came through via Grit & Grace and Sk8 Babes crew coming from Connecticut - we really had a dream team of girls come through to skate.

Just a fun session of skating would have been enough in terms of having a great time but we added in two contests - why not?

1. Fastest time around the bowl: First place taken by Jordan Pascale

2. Best Trick
First place taken by Nicole Hawkins with a Nollie Back Lip
Second place by Mathilda Kotsonis with a bil ol’ boneless over the stairs

Everyone was so impressed by the level of skill in the room, but no one was surprised, because we already knew how rad everyone who came was!

Big thanks to 2nd Nature, Trophy Griptape, Low Card Magazine, Arizone Skate, Housewife Skate, Ugly Drinks, Kitu Coffee, Luna Bar and Neu Kombucha who helped make it all possible!

So many girls came up to use throughout the day letting us know that they are so used to being the only girls at the skatepark. We’re stoked to help bring the female skate community together to show the next generation of shredders that girls skate too and remind them how rad they are!

Big BIG shout out to every girl who came out and showed up, regardless of skill level. Skateboarding is fun and skateboarding is for everyone!


Photos by @losv4s @seanbradyphoto and @mooresophia

Write up by Kristen Scalise
For more, check out the video recap from Trophy Griptape