Kicking Off 2019 at Homage

It was the coldest day of the year so far, but around 7pm at a brisk and snowy 8-ish degrees, the girls started to file into Homage ready to shred.

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If you haven’t heard of Homage, it’s officially a Skateboarding Academy by day, and when we are lucky enough, like we were on Wednesday night, they open up their space for anyone to skate for a small admission fee.

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Johnna, who works at Homage, saw the need for a women’s skate night and made it happen! She and John (pictured below) welcomed skaters of all levels came to skate the 3 ramps, and a few other skate obstacles. (She also very kindly cleaned my wound, and put a bandaid on my hand when I cut myself later that night - thanks again Johnna!)

John Reeves & Johnna Artis

John Reeves & Johnna Artis

It was refreshing to see such a strong turn out of all levels and all rad energy.

Some girls even came to skate quads!

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If you missed this session, we’re happy to announce that there will be more Women’s sessions at Homage with the next one being Friday February 22 7pm - 10pm.



All Photos by Dennis Williford @ Chum Media