So we tried this once, this blog of sorts...and we weren't very good at it.
But we're making a lot of changes here at Quell and I can't wait to update you on them all.

My name is Adrian, and I'm the founder of Quell Skateboarding. I've loved skateboarding since I was thirteen years old.

When I was younger, and wanted to start skating, I didn't see other girls skating on TV or in magazines or have other girls to skate with. I didn't know where to even start looking. I never felt like I had a group of girls to turn to and never pushed my love further then the occasional skate outing.

I grew up and realized there were so many girls out there who were absolutely crushing it, but no one knew about them. The visibility of men in the skateboarding industry just is not the same my fellow girls experience. Quell was founded to give a voice and a platform to the amazing community of women skateboarders all across the world.

We started August 25th by launching our magazine into the world. A beautiful 60 page full color book, featuring submissions from all over the world...literally.  We interviewed Amelia Brodka and Cali Kelsay of Exposure Skate and Skate Rising. We shipped copies to Australia, Sweden, Canada, and all across the US. We hosted a party and had 75 friends just celebrate women in skateboarding. To be able to have a skate magazine featuring exclusively women skateboarders in my hands is the stuff thirteen year old me would have thought was pretty cool.

It's been an insanely exciting couple months for us since then, and I truly feel that the future of women's skateboarding looks so bright.

We're trying. We're growing. And we can't wait to share.

Bye for now,


Adrian Koenigsberg